Tamworth Pigs




Brown Eggs (Locally Available)

Our sales are seasonal, and we will be posting sales items on this page for your review.

Please contact us with any questions or interests.


Range Grown Tamworth Pigs

We've taken the plunge and have breeding stock for raising Tamworth pigs on an acre of land that we have fenced and set aside for that purpose.  We will be rotating them onto the pasture as it grows in and letting the pigs have freedom of foraging in addition to their feed.  The combination of exercise and foraging is known to create the best tasting bacon, pork and ham available. 

We have weaner pigs available for Winter of 2013 and Spring of 2014 as well as feeder/grower pigs available Spring and Summer of 2014.  Those dates could be a month or two sooner depending on how scheduling goes.

Pricing for weaner pigs is $100 each for the first two and $50 each for any pigs beyond the first two.  This gives a price break for purchases in larger quantities.

Beyond that, we will be offering the pigs that we grow out at live weight plus separate butcher fees for processing and wrapping.


Brown Eggs (Locally Available)

We have just put in 48 Buff Orpington baby chicks to grow through the winter and be ready to lay eggs in the spring.  

When they are really producing we will let you know!


Registered Beagle Puppies

  All of Wishbone's puppies have found a loving home.  We are planning on having some more puppies in the Spring of 2012.  Feel free to check back for updates during that time.

Pictures of our last litter can be found on our Beagle page.