Welcome to the Universal Hologenics website.

I am John A. Latimer, otherwise known as Hologenic Man, and this is my place for sharing, showing, and spreading my ideas, activities, and interests.

Please enjoy your visit and come back as often you like to see what I have been up to. Over time, you'll find a wide variety of interests such as Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Music, Gardening, Farming, and Family.

The name Hologenic Man is based on my ongoing project to develop an Artificial Intelligence capable of joining humanity in our endeavors.

The term Hologenic is derived from the words "holographic" and "genesis". 

I truly believe that the integral nature of the Universe is holographic (or holistic) and the whole of the Universe is contained in every part of the Universe.  It is out of this wholeness that I believe everything is created; hence the term genesis for creation.

My Hologenic Brain project bases the creation or genesis of intelligence on the holographic interaction of neural input and output in a temporal and rhythmic process.

I have been blessed with a full and wonderful family of my wife and five children.

I often marvel at just how amazing these people are that have joined me in my travel through this life. Each one of them is so individual and capable in their talents and exploits that sometimes I wonder how we could all have come together in the same family.

One of the advantages of having such a large and diverse family is that it affords me the opportunity to bounce from one interest to another as I am prone to do and still have someone in the family that I can team up with on the current project.

 Creating music, writing, and art have all been very important to me over the years.  I have found that having a creative outlet in some form or another is a necessity of life.

Now that the children are getting to be old enough, I have been able to take the opportunity to invest in some music gear and equipment and set up a dedicated music room in our house.  We aren't necessarily producing anything of a professional grade, just yet, but we are having a lot of fun creating music.

One of the luxuries that I have been able to enjoy is our family farm.  We have a bit of land around our primary residence as well as seventeen acres with a creek running through it a few miles from home.

The family farm is a continually evolving effort in that it is absolutely mandatory that we constantly re-evaluate where we invest our time, energy, and money.  Lately, we have decided to reduce the number of Perendale sheep and to start raising Boar goats in their place.  We also will be trying to increase the numbers of our Nubian goats.

Fencing seems to be an ongoing project, but it has been well worth it for the safety and security of the farm.  On the bright side, pounding in fence posts sure is great exercise.

 This year we are putting in a small experimental garden with the intention of learning about rotating crops and saving seeds.  If this goes well, we may be dedicating one or two paddocks of the pasture toward producing produce and grain next year.














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